I am a boat buffeted by the ocean. Pushed by the banal responsibilities of family finance, housing affordability, waste management and our carbon footprint and pulled by the more profound endeavours of managing the paradox of individual authenticity and unconditional belonging, parenting, our relationship with food, our bodies, nature and with each other all rock me.

I read a quote by Franz Kafka that said, “war is a monstrous failure of imagination.” The imagination is central to our ability to be creative and problem solve. And there’s nothing like a worthy problem to think about and experiment with.

What does one feed a hungry imagination with? Stories lurk in books, visual art, the news, popular culture and textbooks. We consume them for research or to escape. Either way, we absorb the facts or misinformation in them. We absorb the values. And just like how both the nutritious and junk food we eat influence our health, the stories we tell ourselves will shape our imagination and the narrative of our lives.

I see this play out in the petri dish of parenthood. “Mum look! The leaves look like dragons tails!” my son once observed on the way to a new park. When you are a small knight, dragons are everywhere because we were reading him a lot of stories about them and he saw opportunities to live those stories all around him.

Mum, look! The leaves look like dragons tails!

Story Gluttony is my little curated space of the stories that inspire me to reimagine life’s challenges. I may not get the process and outcome right immediately, but there is ownership, agency and above all hope in the story that reframes a situation and offers an achievable alternative.